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A few weeks before my graduation I stepped into my university’s writing center
to have my paper reviewed. To my surprise, I walked out with a job offer.

The bad news is that by the time I would have started working, I would have already graduated.
The good news is that I am able to bring my services to you instead!

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Do you struggle to structure or verbalize your share worthy message?

Have you found a university program that will help in your life goals,
but you are having a hard time 
conveying your purpose in your personal statement?

Are you working on a writing piece that talks about a societal issue,
but you do not know if it is culturally competent?

Do you enjoy blogging and/or writing.
but you are not sure what your voice “sounds” like?

If you relate even remotely to any of the above dilemmas,
then you have come to the right place!

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Writing is an essential tool in our journey to living a live that is resounding
with purpose. And having done this through published pieces in anthologies,
guest articles, journal publications, and right here on VMM, I want to use my
experience and insight to empower and embolden others to deliver their stories,
messages, and ideas in the best way that they possibly can.

In order to do this, I make sure that my one-on-one coaching is
effective, personable, and catered to my client’s unique goals.

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Here are the following packages I offer:

Persuasive with a Purpose

For the writer who wishes to effectively argue their position on a pertinent
issue. Also for the writer who wants to demonstrate why they (or others)
are deserving of certain rights, job positions, admission to programs, etc.
(Great for those who are writing a personal statement in
their university applications).

  • Package includes one orientation session (to get acquainted with
    writing piece, the writer’s goals, etc.) and two evaluation sessions.
  • Additional session(s) can be added at a discounted price if the
    subject matter is quite intensive.


Meet Me Halfway

For the writer who has a meaningful draft but needs to transform it into
a noteworthy, polished product.

    • Package includes one orientation session and two evaluation sessions.
    • Additional sessions can be added at a discounted price if needed.


Cultural Competence is the Goal

The “Meet Me Halfway” package but specifically for pieces that talk about cultural
or societal matters. Evaluation will take into account the goal of the writer, who the
writer is, the people groups involved in the writing piece, and how they are discussed.


Unravel my Voice

For the writer who needs intuitive insight as to what their voice is in order to feel
like the empowered and influential wordsmith that they deserve to be.

    • Package includes one orientation session, one evaluation session, and
      two workshop sessions.
    • Additional session(s) can be added at a discounted price if desired.


From Scratch to Scribing

For the writer who has some ideas but needs a coach to think along with them.
A framework will be created for the writer to go off of in order for them to execute
their insightful message.

  • Package includes one brainstorming session and one two outlining sessions
    (I added an extra one just in case further structuring is needed).
  • Additional session(s) can be added at a discounted price if desired.


From Scratch to Scribing PLUS

  • The premium package is for writing projects that are a little more intensive
    and require more brainstorming sessions (one brainstorm session + four
    outlining sessions).
  • If outlining sessions are remaining, they can convert into proofreading
    sessions after the writing process has started.
  • Additional session(s) can be added at a discounted price if desired.


Customized Package

  • A combo of some of the above packages or a custom-made package that
    best fits the client’s goals.
  • One-time sessions for short written pieces are also available.

Ready to go this writing journey with me? Inquiries can be put in the contact form below. If contact forms aren’t your thing, you can also email me at mary@verilymerrilymary.com. Spots are limited so reserve your coaching session today!

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