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    ‘Light Girls’: The Ugly, The Bad, and The Good (Part 1)

    [W]hen colorism takes its hold in the black community, nobody wins. Not the light skinned girl. Not the dark-skinned girl. Not the black men that also span the color spectrum. But even with its divisive nature, those with lighter skin are afforded privileges that those with darker hues do not have. To say that the "Light Girls" documentary did a superb job executing the points above would be a lie....

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    Let’s Talk About ‘Dark Girls’

    When you’re a dark-skinned, black 20-something living your life in America, you really don’t expect to see or hear your narrative being told by mainstream media. You hardly see the normal, everyday life of a dark-skinned black woman being depicted in the media we consume, a truth that helps to reinforce the close-minded perception we have of them when they’re encountered in public spaces. ...

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    Thoughts on Beauty Perception

    One evening during my middle school years, I entered the bathroom and stared in the mirror examining my dark skin. I made my way to the kitchen and picked up a scouring pad, made my way back to the mirror, and began scrubbing my face very hard hoping that "the black would come off." My efforts resulted instead in a bloody mess. ...