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    The ‘Taking The Lord’s Name In Vain’ Sermon That Has Yet To Be Preached

    Despite my being a Christian, I managed to be seen as a heretic. Or at least, that is how it sometimes felt. When I came to the United States nearly over a decade ago, I noticed the number of distinctions between the way Americans and Nigerians practice Christianity. It became more and more apparent, especially with the swift reprimand I would get from saying a certain phrase....

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    Your Singleness is Not a Disease

    For the past four years, biochemistry has been my boo thing, my love, my one and only. That major was one needy piece of work and two days ago, I decided to call it quits. Now, mind you, it was an open relationship so if I wanted to be in a serious thing with someone else, it was allowed....

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    An Attempt To Process My University Graduation (aka This is the Part Where I Use My Science Degree To Blow Things Up For A Living, Right?)

    At 6:00 a.m. this morning, I woke up to the sound of my father urging my family members to get out of our beds and out of the sluggishness that comes with early mornings. My immediate thought was Who decided that a graduation ceremony at 10 a.m. was a good idea? And then I realized oh shoot! I'm part of that graduation ceremony at 10 a.m. that someone decided was a good idea!!! ...

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    Why I Don’t Wear a Purity Ring.

    I remember the silver bands that my friends in middle school wore when we were in our tween/teen years. I remember when they first appeared on their left ring finger, many of them etched with the words "True Love Waits". I was very curious where they got them from and why they were wearing it. At this point in my life, the only time I saw a band around that finger was when someone was married and I quickly eliminated that from my mind as a possibility. Instead, I decided to ask more questions. ...

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    ‘The Least of These.’

    This post has been floating in my mind for years...probably for the majority of the 13 years I have lived in America. And I fear posting this because of how some may receive it but there comes a point where certain things just need to be said as they are (in love of course). Here it goes....

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    On Being a Black TCK/Expat: I Liked it Better When I Was Colorblind.

    I have two decades of life under my belt. Yet, it took me coming to America 12 years ago to realize, Wow…I’m black! It took me until three weeks ago for me to realize that I’m a black Christian. Never before have I ever attached my faith to my race nor did I see the reason to do so. But with the recent event in the American judicial system and the hurricane of responses to it, with the numerous debates of justice and race, I found myself in the turbulent storm of it all, trying to reconcil...

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