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If you are like most of my readers, you are a person with writing chops at your fingertips, profound insights in your mind, and stories in the chambers of your heart. Verily Merrily Mary is a space that encourages you in your writing endeavors and equips you with usable knowledge in order to keep your writing craft refined.

Who is Verily Merrily Mary for?

As with just about any other online platform, all are welcome to explore throughout this corner of the internet. But if you are interested in knowing for whom the content on this site is written for, below is a list:

  • New writers who are interested in exploring the world of writing but aren’t sure where to start.
  • Opinion writers who cannot help but express their perspectives on the world around them.
  • Bloggers of all kinds who use the internet as a platform to share their personal stories.
  • Writers who desire to bring their imagined stories to to life.

Simply put, Verily Merrily Mary is for all writers of all types. Whether you are writer of the nonfiction or fiction variety, whether your just starting out as a writer or you have been writing for years, there is room for you here.

How does it work around here?

There are four kinds of posts that you will see as you’re reading through the blog posts, each one serving a different purpose in your writing journey:

Writing Inspiration

Let’s face it. Writing isn’t always smiles and giggles. These blog posts are designed to be the “pick me up” when you catch the writer’s blues. In case of emergency, break into these posts.

Notable Posts: Why You Are Not Not an ‘Aspiring Writer’ | An Important Lesson on Writing Envy

Writing Tips

For those times that you are in need on more tangible, concrete guidance in your writing process, these posts allow me to your friendly writing coach.

Notable Posts: How to Write a Captivating Opening Sentence | A Guide to Help You Write Courageously

Writing Prompts

Need some inspiration to get those creative writing gears turning? These are just the thing!

Notable Posts: Gap Teeth: Smiling Between Multicultural Beauty Standards [WRITING PROMPT INCLUDED] | I Don’t Want to Have a Bride Price [WRITING PROMPT INCLUDED]

Personal Blog Posts & Essays

One of my most closely held beliefs about writing is that it is a fellowship. Congregating with other writers allows us to see into some else’s life and mind which can easily prompt us to write. In these posts, I share some of my personal thoughts in hopes that you share yours in return.

Notable Posts: The Nearly Live-Saving Reasons Why I Write

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