5 Pieces of Unconventional Blogging Advice to Keep in Mind (+ A GIVEAWAY!)

There are a few things that I wish I knew before I started taking this blog thing seriously. I also wish that, at the beginning of it all, I came across advice that portrayed blogging to be a real, investment requiring feat as opposed to a bunch of idealistic formulas to follow. I am in no way the blog guru but I have learned a few lessons and have come across some valuable tips in my couple years of blogging:

1. Your blog isn’t for everybody. And that is perfectly okay.

This is one of those things I wish I had kept in mind when I started to blog with my audience in mind as opposed to just having an online diary. This is perhaps one of the most important things bloggers need to realize when they are creating their space for their content online. Write on the topics you want to write about and write them unapologetically. Having an audience who is also interested in those topics will take time to build. Thanks to social media, it often takes a few clicks to find blogs with similar topics that you enjoy. And when you do find those blogs, don’t hesitate to engage with those who author those blogs; leave quality comments and share their content and eventually, you will find people doing this with you. This habit of reciprocity and continued engagement will result in having quality readers and forming quality blog connections.

2. Don’t take it personally if you lose a follower.

The lovely Patricia said it best in her post called Why Are People Unfollowing You On Twitter, “It’s probably not about you. It’s about them.” And those are some important words to remember. Repeat after me: numbers were not designed to determine my value as a human being.

3. The incredibly talented writer, Roconia, doesn’t believe in “finding your voice.”

And I have to agree with her. In her post, she says, “The words of your favorites may inspire you, but you won’t find your voice on someone else’s blog.” So very true.

4. There are posts after posts on the perfect formula for a viral post and you are more than welcome to take them to heart.

But I appreciate the wonderful Brita keeping it real when she recounts the journey her post took before it went viral. For her, it wasn’t a step-by-step recipe of sorts. She says it was pure luck. I appreciate her transparency here. It’s not often you come across a successful blogger who admits luck as a factor in their success.

5. Just because someone has a well-put together & beautiful minimalist blog doesn’t mean that they paid a ton of money for it.

In fact, it is entirely possible that they paid absolutely nothing for it…and lucky for you, you have a chance to get one for free!


I’m always up for a quality giveaway and my blog friend, Kelly, over at The Lady Errant has been having blog design giveaways to celebrate her design shop opening. Last month’s winner was Tyler from An Aspiring Heroine – check out her new look!


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What is some valuable blogging advice that you have received?

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