The Goal Of An Artist

I have seen articles wax poetic concerning the art that a writer creates. It often goes along the lines of “the page is my canvas and my pen is the medium” with meticulous diction and intentionally orchestrated syntax at their arsenal to make those words come to life. I have found truth in this as one who loves to write, however, I would be very wrong to think that the creative experience starts and ends there. While the pen and the page and the keys on my laptop are essential to the production of my work, I am still tempted to challenge this perception as to what really is the canvas and the medium for the writer (or any kind of artist, really).

I believe that your heart and your mind are the canvases upon which the artist paints experiences. The artist can be a painter, an illustrator, a web designer, a visual artist of any kind; a writer, a fashion designer, a performing artist–the list is nearly endless. Any advertisement you see from them is not necessarily a plea to buy their product so they can get a profit (though bills must be paid). It’s more of a confident and brave assertion that the experience that you will receive when using/reading/wearing/etc their masterpiece is worth the investment. And it is in purchasing an artist’s piece that you have the opportunity to refresh yourself with that experience over and over again. 

It is possible that the goal of an artist is to probe you, to redirect the inner networkings of your mind to its unchartered regions that you didn’t even realize existed. The goal of an artist could be to resuscitate emotions that were not present immediately before you observed or came across their work. The goal of the artist may include the desire to entertain you, whether it be your eyes, the thoughts that lie behind them, or both. Whatever the case may be, the goal of an artist is to give you an worthwhile experience.

Are you an artist of any kind? If so, what is your goal?

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