You Are Not Meant To Grow Alone

My heart is malleable. It has been impressed and stamped upon with lessons that were not intended to be taught and epiphanies that were not expected to be sought. As people have come and go, there have been those who have touched it, their handprints visible on my soil-composed heart. There are others whose hand prints have faded away, the winds of time passing to make their mark less apparent. 

Our discomforts are mentioned to each other, not out of contempt, but with our survival in mind, seeking to be real with our emotions instead of killing ourselves with silence. It’s like we agreed on an unspoken contract to be each others’ gardeners, seeking only to cultivate and nurture the best for each other without being obnoxious about it. In fact, it is often led by the other exposing their flaws beyond their physical imperfections, who invite me to be a part of their lives as I invite them to be a part of mine.

In these experiences, I have learned that it is easy to be transparent with people who admit their flaws and are willing to cultivate the garden of honesty with you, who are not afraid to point out their shortcomings and make tangible efforts to better themselves. It is a contagious character trait that causes you to look inward, searching yourself for the weeds that you also contain. Before you know it, you are tilling the ground of understanding together. And like the literal act of gardening, it will be messy. It won’t be easy. You may find the sun’s rays to be more intense than it usually shines or the ground may not be as porous as you hoped. But it is in the devoted input that you see that, in the end, growth abounds.

I revel in the unexpectedness of encountering people like this. And the fact is that some of you reading this fit this narrative written above, some not even realizing it. This is where my belief that humans are not meant to be solitary creatures is solidified. This also happens to the framework with which I picture lasting, meaningful relationships, both platonic and romantic. This is the beauty of human interaction and involvement that makes me more and more convinced that the following is true:

You are not meant to grow alone.

What are some of the most impactful moments you have had with the people you have encountered?

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