6 Underrated Benefits of Being Sensitive

Among the things you as a reader may not know about me, being sensitive is one of them. Those who are very close to me know this to be true while others who know me may be surprised by this. I think it’s because over time, I have kind of hidden it, only letting a certain group of people see this side of myself. I will also admit that maturity has contributed to me having a better handling of sensitive situations although there is always room to grow (isn’t it like that for everyone?). When it comes to being sensitive and thin-skinned, most perceive it to be negative. However, I have noticed how being more sensitive has been beneficial in my life. 

1. Being sensitive has allowed me to be a good listener.

When I speak, I want to be treated as if my words and what I’m talking about matter. I like to extend the same courtesy to others, doing my best to listen to all someone has to say before chiming in and sincerely apologizing to them if I interrupt.

2. Being sensitive makes me an empath.

This is a continuation of the first point. As an empath, I absorb the emotions of the people who tell me what is going on with them. It’s blessing because I get to get to feel what they feel which makes them feel like they matter in our conversations. It’s a curse because it can be exhausting but I love this part of myself either way. I am slow to dismiss the feelings of others because I have seen enough to know that our feelings are often a result of our experiences. Working through why someone feels the way they feel is one of my favorite things.

3. Being sensitive drives my desire to be a peacemaker.

Sensitive people hate conflict. Some hide from it. Others, like me, try to achieve common ground even when it’s uncomfortable, striving for the win-win situation where multiple parties are opposed to each other. I see areas where I can improve in this area but I know I am doing my best.

4. Being sensitive has made me more intuitive.

My personality type is INFP if you are familiar with the Myers-Briggs personality testing. Being an INFP explains my reliance on my intuition because it rarely fails me. This personality type explains this entire post, really. 

EDIT: It turns out that I was mistyped and I am actually an INFJ

5. Being sensitive contributes to my ability to communicate emotions and experiences quite clearly through writing and music.

Since artists, writers, poets, musicians, and singers all tend to be sensitive, this one doesn’t surprise me.

6. Being sensitive means I love hard and take my relationships, both platonic and romantic, seriously.

This, like being an empath, is both a blessing and a curse and I have learned how to better navigate this aspect life from experience.

How about you? Are you a sensitive person? How have you seen this side of yourself as beneficial in your own life? If you’re not sensitive, have you seen any of these traits in your own life or in the lives of those you know?

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