You Won’t Find KKK Pick-Up Lines on my Blog

Owning a blog can be kind of empowering. Thanks to the NSA-esque invention that is Google Analytics, I know how many views my blog and my posts get, which country these views are coming from, which internet provider is used to get to my blog, and some other things but I feel like I have said too much already so I’m going to stop. Basically, I know more than I need to know about my blog and it’s a bit empowering. 

What isn’t very empowering is that when some doof has the nerve to Google “KKK pick up lines” to get to my blog. More than once. At first, I was briefly confused because 1) I’m black, 2) we’ve got a huge problem if I am cracking KKK pick-up lines on this blog (or anywhere at all, really) and …wait…someone actually looked this up on Google.

Someone deliberately took the time to type “KKK pick up lines” in the search engine and of all the places, they ended up here.


I let that sink in for a bit and I sat in front of my lap to with my jaw dropped quickly recalling the words of some of my friends who insisted that racism is dead and the countless comments on the interwebs saying that we need to be more lighthearted about the issue of racism, African American history, and the negative effects that remain as a result of said history.

And the fact that someone (or some people) on planet Earth thought that putting those words in the Google search engine shows that we cannot take racism as some lighthearted thing.

After being upset, I realized something: Google and I are, in a way, helping to fight back racism.

The truth is I have talked about pick up lines on this blog (here and here). And I have talked about my personal experiences dealing with the KKK so it makes sense why my blog would show up in the search results in the first place. In this moment of frustration, I am actually glad they ended up on my blog because there is a chance that they may see the chilling reality of seeing the KKK in person and perhaps realize that it’s not something to joke about. Maybe I’m being too optimistic but I am glad that, of all places, they came here. So welcome, whoever you are! But you won’t find KKK pick-up lines on my blog. 

Because racism isn’t a punch line to some sick joke. It’s a reality that I have experienced along with countless others and a reality I am active in fighting back.

If parents snicker at racial…jokes, another generation will pass on the poison adults still have not had the courage to snuff out. -Marian Wright Edelman

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