A World With Complete Visions

My sole existence is not enough. My experiences and belief systems that encompass my worldview do not represent the entire human experience. At times, we find ourselves stuck in our day-to-day lives hardly evaluating other life experiences that exist outside of us. Perhaps we fail to evaluate opposing views to our belief systems, intentionally challenging ourselves to wrestle with what we currently believe. But it’s these moments where we challenge ourselves in this way that we truly flourish as human beings, where we realize that there is more of the world to our little worlds, where our introspection meets the curiosity and the knowledge of the people outside of ourselves. 

My wandering mind leads me to ponder the reality of this in the form of a company whose sole aim is to offer this to us. Complete Visions: Where your worldview can never be 20/20 without the worldview of others. I envision each of us in dark rooms with a projector ahead displaying the miles each of us have covered on the 57,308,738 square miles of land mass that exists on Earth. It would show us the thousands of languages we’ve left unheard and the numerous lifestyles that we’ve never seen lived in front us. It would demonstrate our existence much like looking at a sphere at only certain positions. We would be reminded that where our vision of that sphere stops is where someone else’s begins.

It would stress our need for each other to be complete.                                          

It would conjure up a desire to explore either by foot, plane, train, automobile; by reading foreign texts and seeking unlikely connections with people different from us. It would be amazing, frustrating, yet altogether beautiful. 

But this is only my imagination.

The truth of the matter is this endeavor, this intentional exploration of differences is a selfless act, an act in which our human comfort is compromised for seeking understanding of others, an undertaking that does not promise “Kumbaya’s” being sung around a campfire with all of us hand in hand. By nature, we are selfish. We seek comfort, not displacement. We are likely not willing to compromise our comfort unless there is something in it for us, perhaps something more than just a little bit more knowledge or awareness of others.

But despite this and the nonexistence of “Complete Visions”, I know that there are people who seek to broaden their horizons in this manner. My experience with blogging has shown this to be true. In fact, it is one of the main reasons why I blog: to share my experiences in hopes of a cultural exchange. It’s an experience that has stretched me to learn and connect with people different than me, filled my heart with happiness when those unlikely to get me understand me, disappointed me when others refuse or fail to understand me, and yet has encouraged me to continue the search of this exchange of recognition and appreciation.

I guess, in a sense, “Complete Visions” has the capacity to innately exist even without the logistics and the protocols of the establishment of a new business. In reality, it begins with us.  

What have you done to make this a reality? What will you do (or continue to do) in order to make this a reality?

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