Here’s to the ‘Intimidating’ Woman.

Here’s to the intimidating woman. Here’s to the lady that leads without apology and looks fantastic doing it.

Here’s to the woman who is, at times, mistaken for a robot, the one whose flesh and bones contain the echoes of her beating heart that resonate with the purpose that wakes her up every morning.

Here’s to the woman on a mission. 

The Intimidating

Here’s to the woman whose persona screams, “I can do bad all by myself.” Here’s to the woman that is often perceived as strong, whose personality has many layers and is particular about those who get to see them all, including the tears that you thought never existed. Consider it a huge honor when she opens up herself to you. 

Here’s to the woman who dares to pursue a career where her sex is virtually absent and uses this truth as a means to propel herself to success.

Here’s to the woman with her head on her shoulders and wit on her tongue, who is capable of comedic retort that often follows with laughter when other are present.

Here’s to the passionate woman.

Here’s to the woman who is known for her charisma, who can capture your attention without really trying and continues to grow in her accomplishments because of it.

Here’s to the woman who dares to stand up for what she believes in, whose soapbox is her home and whose voice finds her words when she articulates her views.

Here’s to the trailblazing woman.

Here’s to the woman that is mistaken for being intimidating.

In reality, she is the woman whose presence challenges societal standards and your perception as to what exactly a woman should be which should enlighten you and make you think, not intimidate you.

To all of the women who do this, you inspire me greatly.

Here’s to you.

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