Mata Traders Remix Challenge!

You know you’re a lucky girl when one of your absolute favorite companies contacts you to sport a couple of their items. I happen to be that girl and that company happens to be Mata Traders! They got a hold of me and asked if I was willing to do a remix challenge with their clothing in combination of some of the stuff that I already own. Since I am such a huge fan of them, how could I say no?!

All the women that make our clothing and accessories have a voice. -Mata Traders

For those of you who don’t know, Mata Traders is a fair trade company. This means that purchasing their merchandise does not contribute to the unfair labor of people in unsafe work conditions. In fact, their mission includes the empowerment, employment and education of women in India and the edification of equality in the workplace. If that doesn’t want make you want to at least look at their merchandise, I don’t know what to tell you.

Now, for the remix challenge!

Among their super cute selections of clothing and accessories, I chose the Young Love Dress and their Wooden Wilderness bangle. I decided to complement the yellow on the bangle by tying my yellow Nigerian mini headscarf  in a bow. The “purple and gold” look makes this outfit a possible one for any New Year’s Eve event I’ll wind up attending.  I also decided to add a belt, leggings and boots to this outfit because why not!

Headscarf: Somewhere in Calabar, Nigeria…Idk/Belt: Roses/Leggings: Thrifted/Boots: Target

Oh, and did I mention that the dress has pockets? As a girl who prefers pockets over purses, it’s definitely one of the reasons this dress is a favorite in my closet.

Headscarf: 99 cent store/Pearl Earrings: Payless/Jacket: Ross

In the above photo, I’m smiling. In fact, all of the photos in this post will have me smiling or looking relatively positive. But what you don’t know is that the temperature was in the mid-70 degrees Fahrenheit when this photo shoot was taking place. So this look is more for the people throughout the world whose weather makes sense for the month of December and whose hearts currently resonate with the song “Baby, It’s Cold Outside.” If you live in Southern California like I do, don’t mind this look. Or the next one. Or the one after that. Actually, just check back in when it randomly rains or something (sorry Frank Ocean but it actually does rain in Southern California). That being said, hip hip hooray to me for not passing out! 😀 The things I do for my readers man… (totally kidding here, guys. I love my readers!)

Sweater: Ross

In the above look, I thought a cable knit turtleneck sweater would be cute addition to the dress. It gives the total outfit a subtle preppy look.

Cardigan: Kohl’s

And it seems like that preppy theme continues with this one too!. I actually wouldn’t mind wearing these outfits when it actually feels like fall or winter although the preppy look isn’t one of my go-to looks.

This one was my favorite! It’s probably the reason why there are three shots of the same outfit. It’s definitely got that bohemian vibe that I love. I was lucky to have found this lovely skirt at a thrift store and I decided that the wooden bangle and the gold flower earrings that belonged to my beloved mother would make a great pair in this outfit. This outfit also showcases one of the tricks I love to use where I have maxi shirt and a shorter dress that I want to pair together. I would also like to mention that this outfit is the most ‘ethical’ among the others in this post because the majority of the pieces are either fair trade or thirifted; the outfit promotes empowering women and encourages the reduction of fabric waste and donates to thrift stores that participates in charity work. I hope this sparks some inspiration to buy fair trade and thrift. Perhaps it could be one of your New Year’s Resolutions to include more fair trade and thrift items into your closet. As far as fair trade clothing and accessories are concerned, Mata Traders is a great place to start!

Side note: Photo credit goes to my brother. Thanks for your time, brother dearest! I sincerely appreciate it! xo

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