Because I am a Woman.

I was very apprehensive about posting this. You’ll understand why once you read it.

Because I am a woman who enjoys taking the lead, I can easily be seen as bossy. 

Because I am a woman, I ought not to walk alone outside during the night for fear of being raped. 

Alone or with friends, my senses are heightened when I walk at night.

Not so much with my male friends.

Because I am a black woman, I ought not to get angry. If I did, I would be perpetuating a negative stereotype.

And here I was thinking that being angry was a human characteristic.

Because I am a Nigerian woman, I ought to make sure that I’m pregnant within my first year of my future marriage.

Otherwise, some folks from the motherland will wonder if my husband “married a man.”

Because I am perceived to be an American woman, that automatically makes me “easy” to some non-Americans.

Because I am a woman who wears my hair in its natural, afro state, I’m not being “normal”

Well assuming that there is a “default” hair texture is ignorant. And since my natural hair is the way I like wearing it the most, that’s how I’ll be wearing it. Thanks.

Because some male strangers perceive me to be a good-looking woman, that makes it okay to holler out at me and call me “baby”, “boo”, “hot stuff”, “cutie” and the like.

Hi. My name is Mary. That name will suffice.

Because I am a black woman that does not speak ebonics to the hearing of some people, that automatically makes me white.

Because I am a Nigerian woman, some think that I have relatives that are 419 scammers.

You know, the ones that email you to tell you that they are Nigerian princes with millions of dollars to give out to you.

Because I am a dark-skinned woman, I should be flattered when I am told that I am “pretty for a dark-skinned girl.”

Well, I’m not exactly flattered by cleverly disguised insults so…

Because I am a Christian woman in my 20s in my fourth year of attending a private Christian university, I have failed Godly womanhood because there is no chance I will get my “ring by spring”.

Because I am a sarcastic woman, I am afraid that people who read this and don’t know me personally will think I’m rude in real life.

Because I am a woman that doesn’t like to hurt people’s feelings, I am afraid to publish this.

But because I am a woman who believes that change is brought about by noting the negative, opening the floor for honest discussion, and doing something about it, I published it anyway.

You know, just because.

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